Intake Procedure

A person that has been arrested will be allowed one initial intake that must be given to the Jail Corrections. If the person has been incarcerated 10 days or more, you must follow the instructions listed below.
Purchase intake from our commissary machine, which is located in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Dept. or set up account through City Tele-Coin Company at (318) 746-1114 /

Inmate Visitation Regulation

Visitation for any inmates is first come first serve through City Tele-Coin Company. Each inmate is allowed one 1-hour visit per week with up to three people allowed on that visit.

We supply all hygiene items and shower shoes for inmates. Inmates are allowed to receive the following items:

  • 5 white t-shirts (crew neck, no pockets, no logos)

  • 5 white underwear (boxers are allowed)

  • 5 white pairs of socks

  • 2 pairs of white or off-white thermal underwear

  • 5 sports bras (no wire)

City Tele-Coin Company has a kiosk in the lobby that you may purchase phone calling cards.

Notice* Any issues with visitation please contact City Tele-Coin at 318-746-1114

Tennessee SAVIN

Tennessee SAVIN is a free and confidential automated service provided by the Tennessee Sheriffs’ Association that allows victims to track the custody status of offenders using a telephone and/or the internet. You may register by phone, text, or email to receive notifications if and when an offender dies, escapes, transfers, or is released.


  • Your registration is absolutely confidential- the offender will not know that you are registered with this service.

  • SAVIN only provides custody information for offenders in the state of Tennessee.

  • Because the service is automated, you will be notified as soon as an offender’s custody status changes, which may be at any hour of the day or night.

Register by phone: 888-868-4631 or online:

You must register separately for each type of notification and, if registering by phone, create a PIN that you will use to confirm when you receive a notification. If your phone number or email address changes, you must call or visit the website to update your information.

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